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Spot on a daily walk...
Spot on a daily walk thru the forest

Just a little change can make a huge difference. We closed the dairy in 2016 and are taking a year off. We are going to re-design the farm and work on a few projects. Hope to see you all soon at the markets!!


First we want to have natural, wholesome food for our family, our friends & neighbors, and our community. To do this we never allow chemicals on our property, never use antibiotics, and do everything we can to boost the health of our land & animals.

Our goats are the whole focus of the farm now as we use their milk to make our incredible cheeses. They have to be the healthiest ever all the time. To do this we spend a lot of time and effort feeding them more than┬ájust basic hay and grain mixes, we feed them a natural diet rich in minerals from foraging in the forest behind our property. I stopped using commercial mixes years ago to eliminate soy and GMO ingredients. Now I’ve eliminated gluten from their diet as well by sprouting barley, my doctor did a blood test which told us I’m highly allergic to all gluten so I had to put the goats on a gluten free diet because I was getting gluten thru their milk…I do a 3 day sprout before feeding it to them.

The natural health of the herd is very important to me and my girls are treated daily to herbal blends to help boost immunity & support the demands of daily milking. We DO NOT use hormones or antibiotics – though if I had to I would use antibiotics to save a life.

We offer our goats and sheep and chickens homemade sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, and the herbs to promote digestive vitality and abundant health. They also get all the extra produce from the gardens which are all organic, no chemicals have ever been used on this land since we bought it in 2006.

We use their aged manure to help improve the microbial life in the soil, which in turn helps us to grow better crops. We are slowly turning this land into a permaculture garden using swales, hugelkultur, and biodynamic preparations. It’s the cycle of life in mother nature that we are trying to emulate.

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  1. Hi, I am making my own Kefir and need raw milk for it. I live in Indianola and own/operate The Firehouse Theater in Kingston. You don’t have a booth at the Indianola or kingston Farmers Markets where I frequent (I work at the theater a lot).
    How can I obtain your product?
    Thank you and thanks for doing what you do.

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