The Creamery

Baby feeding goats
Baby feeding the baby goats and their mamas.


Back in 2007 we didn’t see a need for more than 20 milking goats at one time, don’t really think I could handle more than that without adding employees. So in thinking about how to make things work we decided it was important to sustainability to keep things small. The milking parlor is 10×8, and the processing room is 10×14. It’s just big enough for one, two is a bit crowded but we make it work, most of the time it’s just me, Vicky.

MicroDairy LLC 4gal vat pawteurizer
Set up in July 2013, the 4 gal vat pasteurizer with warmer & chiller pots from MicroDairy LLC.

In 2013 we added a small 4gal pasteurizer to the processing room which made things even smaller. We moved things around so it all fits but it would be nice to have more room. At the time we didn’t realize that we would not be able to continue to sell raw milk, the WSDA changed the rules just before we made our purchase and they said unless we built another room we could only make raw milk cheese and sell raw milk – or we could use our new pasteurizer and make pasteurized milk for our chevre….it was rather disconcerting. We thought we were adding to our product line and instead we were limited by regulations.

The the new barngood news is that the new barn is almost complete (finished fall 2014). We have a new walk in cooler for the cheese cave I’ve always wanted and room for not only a new make room but a cut & wrap room as well as a little farm store! Don’t know if we’ll have it finished by kidding season but we’re working on it.